YGG Llangynwyd create poetry on the train.

 Here is a feature on bridgendgreenjourneys  written by my colleague Louise Richards the South Wales Valleys Literature Development Initiative Officer, further information on her project can be found here


New Bridgend Welsh Squad

Bridgend Squad Nov 10

As part of the South Wales Valleys Literature Development Project, fourteen pupils from YGG Llangynwyd near Maesteg, Bridgend enjoyed a journey from Maesteg to Cardiff Bay on 30 November 2010 and recorded their experiences and observations along the way.

Led by celebrated poet and author Grahame Davies, pupils of the new Bridgend Welsh Language schools aged 11-14 were encouraged to produce a vivid journey of words reflecting on the things to take on a train journey and a journey through life. The poems will be given to art students from Bridgend College. They will design poster poems which will be displayed on Arriva Trains in the South Wales Valleys in Spring 2011.

Arriva Trains Wales and Academi are supporting the development of literature among young people across Wales through a series of special train rides for young writing squads. Their aim is to assist children who enjoy writing and who are beginning to write well. Members are nominated by their schools and selected to join the squad for the quality of their writing.

Grahame Davies


Pethau i’w cymryd ar daith trên

i-pod, yn llawn lleisiau llon,
cwmni dy ganeuon.

Llyfr, yn llawn lliw a llun
i ddeffro dychymyg pobun.

Côt, gysurus, gynnes, glyd;
diogelwch rhag tywydd byd.

Bag llaw yn cynnwys coluron,
yn fwgwd i’n golygon.

Arian ar gyfer anghenion:
’dyw llawer byth yn ddigon.

Ffôn i alw dy ffrindiau.
Mae’r byd yn cael ei leihau.

Bwyd i borthi ein siwrnai,
y tanwydd ar ein teithiau.

Ac ar ben yr holl bethau hyn,
paid ag anghofio’r tocyn.
Pethau i’w cymryd ar daith bywyd

Atgofion yn llifo fel afon
yn nhaith dy ddyddiaduron.

Hyder i herio’r byd,
a herio’r hunan hefyd.

Uchelgais i gyrraedd y nod,
anelu am lwyddiant i ddod.

Parch i eraill, parch i’th hun,
dyna ydy delfryd dyn.

Heddwch yn dy freuddwydion
a gobaith yn dy galon.

Doethineb ddaw gyda phrofiad
a chyngor dy fam a’th dad.

Dyfalbarhad i ddymchwel rhwystrau
a’th arwain di ar hyd dy lwybrau.

Ac ar ben yr holl bethau hyn,
dy fywyd yw dy docyn.

Grahame Davies Nov 10

Things to take on a train journey.

An i-pod, full of bright voices;
the company of your songs.

A book full of colours and pictures
to awaken everyone’s imagination.

A coat – comfortable, warm, cosy;
security against the world’s weather.

A handbag for your make-up,
and to mask your appearance.

Money for your necessities.
Plenty is never enough.

A phone to call your friends.
The world is getting smaller.

Food to sustain your journey.
The fuel for your travels.

And on top of all these things –
don’t forget your ticket!

Things to take on life’s journey

Memories flowing like a river
through the journey of your diaries.

Confidence to challenge the world –
and to challenge the self as well.

Ambition to reach the goal,
aiming for future success.

Respect for others, respect for self –
that is man’s ideal.

Peace in your dreams
and hope in your heart.

Wisdom that comes with experience,
and from mam and dad’s advice.

Persistence to overcome obstacles
and to lead you along your paths.

And on top of all these things,
your life is your ticket.

Bridgend Squad GJC

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