Sustrans Art & the Travelling Landscape

Art & the Travelling Landscape
Sustrans works with artists, schools and local communities to create and explore landmarks, environments and ideas that celebrate the surrounding areas. We want to share understanding and celebration of the arts and give everyone a chance to experience and enjoy working with artists and artwork. This helps to create a strong sense of location, creating special places that you can visit again and again by foot and bike.

Over the last twenty years Sustrans has pioneered and commissioned innovative art in public places across the UK. The Bristol Bath Railway Path was the first section of the National Cycle Network built in 1979 and hosts a range of art work including Twisted Arch commissioned in 2007 to celebrate Sustrans 30th birthday.

Alongside local communities and partner organisations we have created an extensive collection of artworks forming a range of Art Trails inspired by the changing environment and communities along the National Cycle Network. As well as landmark artworks including iconic earth works by artists such as Andrew Goldsworthy, our work also includes a unique collection of inspirational bridgesseatinggateways, and waymarkers.

Our latest programme of work,Prospectives, has commissioned artists Liminal,Christian Nold, and Ackroyd and Harvey, to undertake research and develop work alongside specialists from a range of Universities and research groups to explore a issues at the heart of Sustrans work and key to 21st century living: design of public space, health and well-being, the natural world, and climate change.

To enable our work, this year we are recruiting an Arts Development Board to support the Art Programme and generate further sponsorship opportunities.

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