Maesteg Washery Site Project

We are working in partnership with Sustrans to develop an area of land which is adjacent to Maesteg Comprehensive School.

Artist Jony Easterby has been appointed to lead this project. Jony recently ran two workshops on the project in Maesteg Comp, Thanks to the staff and students  for supporting the project.

Info on Jony

It is impossible to describe Jony Easterby’s work as sculpture, music or performance; it is all of these things.

He makes an alchemical amalgam of wood, metal, computers, sourced and live sound, light and darkness.

The work is characterised by the diversity of artistic practice used and the range of technologies employed.  Each project is different but there are key ideas and interests informing the approach. There is empathy for the natural world a sense of its place within culture and social context.

Using both digital and analogue media Easterby investigates the boundaries between raw elemental materials, sound technology, composition, landscape and architecture.

A breadth of expertise in a wide range of artistic skills has found him developing projects as varied as the construction of intricate sound sculptures, sound installations , architectural installations and the artistic direction of large-scale performance projects.

Below are some photos of Jonys workshop

(video content to follow)

About guys1

Arts Professional Theatre Designer
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