Developing habitats and eco-connectivity

Aled Singleton, Regeneration Officer, Bridgend County Borough Council

Following natural regeneration, the community in Maesteg and Llynfi has been making great efforts to develop the habitats on former industrial sites in the upper sections of the valley.


Bridgend County Borough Council is about to launch a new eco-connectivity project, providing support to community organisations to learn about habitat connectivity and to develop proposals that complement the impressive work being done by Sustrans. This tells you about some of the work that Jony Easterby has been doing to connect habitats with his project at the former Maesteg Washery and how to get involved in the future.

Less than ten years after this site was an industrial wasteland, people are already starting to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the old washery site (above). As well as constructing cycle routes, Sustrans work has created a new pathway (below) going north towards the ponds and stone art feature. The path meanders through the alder trees that have grown naturally on the site in the past 10 years.

Believe it or not, the little trees shown in all of the images will grow to the as big as the ones that surround the rugby pitches closer to the Comprehensive School (above right). Jony’s work has taken into account what has grown successfully on land close to the site and made efforts to support similar habitats.

Getting involved with other projects

Bridgend County Borough Council, with support from the Countryside Council for Wales, will be supporting groups to help people learn about habitats, management techniques and develop project ideas for the future. The main groups to benefit include as the Friends of Maesteg Welfare Park, Rivercare Group, Valleys to Coast and the Friends of Brynheulog (Caerau Park Estate) and Groundwork (Caerau Market Garden). The workshops will be happening in Autumn and Winter 2012 and early 2013.

For more information get in contact with any of these groups or email Aled

Maesteg Rivercare Group

Friends of Maesteg Welfare Park

Caerau Market Garden–neath-port-talbot/what-we-do/market-garden-blog.aspx

More news to follow…

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